Suddenly became popular, the Miu Miu 3,250 RMB hairpin was sold out in Chinese online malls.

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The 3,250 RMB hairpin of Miu Miu, the 4,750 RMB glasses cord, and the 42,200 RMB sequined underwear… These products with ridiculously high prices and not very practical are all from the luxury brand Miu Miu. Some netizens joked, "Can you become an immortal by wearing it?" Some netizens also asked, "How many carats is this clip?" The customer service replied that the material is patent leather.

On the Miu Miu Tmall flagship store, the 9 colors of the sheep leather material hairpin with a unit price of 3,250 RMB are all "out of stock"; there are only black and red in stock for the patent leather material with a total of 12 colors. Regarding when there will be stock, the staff of the Miu Miu Tmall flagship store said: "At present, no restocking information has been received."

The "crazy" Miu Miu has boosted the performance of the parent company. The first-quarter financial report of Prada, the parent company of Miu Miu, in 2024 shows that the net income of the Prada Group is about 1.187 billion euros, an increase of 16.5% compared with the same period in 2023: the net retail sales of the Prada brand increased by 7%, and the net retail sales of Miu Miu increased as much as 89%. Miu Miu was originally just a sub-line brand of the Prada Group, but now it has achieved a growth trend that makes first-line luxury brands like LV and Gucci envious.

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