Bruno Mars owes $50 million in gambling debts.

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In the dazzling casino, every star has its unique brilliance, and Bruno Mars, known as "Mars Brother," is undoubtedly the most dazzling one. His music spans a variety of styles such as retro punk, hip-hop, and R&B, creating one classic after another that is familiar to the ear. However, the recent story about him and MGM has revealed an unusual side.

On March 16, it was reported that Bruno Mars was allegedly owes MGM Casino $50 million in gambling debts.

According to "Consequence," this debt is one of the reasons why Mars stayed at the casino for so long. An unnamed source said, "He owes MGM millions of dollars (because of gambling)."

And for this huge sum of 50 million, Mars chose a special way to repay the debt, which is to open a concert at the MGM casino to pay off the debt. Some careful netizens have calculated that with Mars' tax-exempt income of $1.5 million per concert, it only takes 35 concerts to pay off the $50 million, which is expected to take about 8 months.

The news that Mars was exposed to owe MGM gambling debts can actually be traced back to the end of last year. On November 28, 2023, MGM Macau announced that Mars would hold a concert in Macau in January. It should be noted that for stars of his caliber, it is actually rare to perform in China.

In fact, Bruno Mars' penchant for gambling is well documented, including in an interview with GQ where he discussed his early gambling experiences and mindset. Fan reactions to this news have been mixed, with some expressing concern about the impact of such a huge debt, while others anticipate how it might affect his music. Some fans even speculate, "With Bruno Mars owing $50 million in gambling debts, I know his next album will be a classic, truly corrupt album."

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