Kim Kardashian is showing off her Tesla Cybertruck again

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Time flies, and it's been a full month since Kim Kardashian sold her second-hand bags at a sky-high price while buying a Tesla last month. Although some netizens don't seem to be optimistic about the car, Kim Kardashian still quite likes it. Yesterday, in her Instagram post, she still took a photo with the square silver Cybertruck.

She let herself be shrouded in the shadow of the truck, with the tornado emoji as the title of the post.

Last month, it was reported that compared to the luxury cars she had previously shown off, which were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, the $60,000 Cybertruck doesn't seem that expensive, but its appearance is quite unique.

The exterior of the car is all three-dimensional hard angles and sharp silver lines. According to the Tesla website, this electric pickup truck has a bed in the back and more space in the gear locker of the front trunk.

Tesla began delivering the Cybertruck to the first dozen customers in November last year, and Kim Kardashian is also one of the first wave of guests.

In the latest comments on this post, netizens still have mixed reviews of the photos of her and the Tesla Cybertruck.

Some netizens said, "She looks a little sad."

Some netizens said, "When will she apologize to Kate Middleton?"

A large number of netizens firmly said: "Apologize to Princess Kate."

The uproar of apologizing to Princess Kate originated from a while ago when Kim announced on Instagram that she would disappear for a few days because she also cared about Kate and "went to look for the princess."

The day before, her mother Kris Jenner's boyfriend, Corey Gamble, was also skiing with Prince Harry, and the people who played together included Whitney Wolfe, the owner of the Bumble dating app, and her husband Michael Hurd.

This sounds a bit teasing and dramatic, which makes netizens show strong dissatisfaction with Kim Kardashian's behavior at that time.

When I write here, I want to stop abruptly, but I still feel strange somewhere. Actually, as early as last month, People media reported this news. Today, Kim Kardashian repeated the activity from last month on her Instagram post.

The report at that time said that Kim Kardashian was found driving her Tesla electric car, Cybertruck, in Beverly Hills, California. Whether it's from the hairstyle in the photo or the discovered outfit, the most notable is the bandaged state of the hand injury.

So, it can be confirmed that yesterday's Kim Kardashian's Instagram post is still the activity from last month. Even if the photo of Kim Kardashian in the comment looks a little sad as the netizens commented, that's still the state of last month!

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