Guide to using high-end perfumes: How to make the fragrance last longer

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In the hot summer, how to let the fresh fragrance of perfume accompany us through every moment has become a question that many perfume lovers think about. As a perfume blogger, today I want to share some tips for using high-end perfumes to help you smell good all day, whether in daily life or on special dates.

Spray on "soft" accessories
In summer, it is recommended to use light perfumes (EDT), cologne (EDC), light perfumes (EF), or fresh and fruity light perfumes (EDP), and spray them on "soft" accessories such as scarfs, hats, and hair ties. These materials can absorb the fragrance well, allowing the aroma to last for 1-2 weeks, while avoiding possible damage to clothes and metal accessories caused by the alcohol content in the perfume.

Spray on the clothing label

If you are worried that spraying directly on the clothes may cause fading, you can spray the perfume on the clothing label and hang it back in the closet. This can fill the closet with fragrance and allow the clothes to naturally absorb the fragrance particles in the air, achieving the effect of long-lasting fragrance.

Use rich scents on the lower body

For perfumes (Perfum) and Eau de Parfum (EDP) with a strong fragrance, it is recommended to use "dot", "apply" and other techniques, and apply them to the lower body, such as ankles, knee pits, waist, etc. This can use the principle of the fragrance diffusing from bottom to top, and release the rich fragrance in the most natural way.

Use Vaseline to make your own scented ointment

Spray perfume directly into a small jar of Vaseline to make your own scented ointment, which is convenient to carry with you and replenish the fragrance at any time. You can also apply Vaseline to areas where you spray perfume, such as the inside of the wrist and the back of the neck, which can significantly increase the lasting time of the perfume.

Dates must be used: Spray on "shoulder blades", "between fingers"

Especially on dates, it is recommended to spray perfume on the shoulder blades or between the fingers. In this way, when you get close and embrace, the other person can easily smell the fragrance on your body, adding a bit of charm.

In addition, several points that need to be noted include avoiding using too much perfume to avoid dulling the sense of smell; avoiding using different perfumes at the same time, so as not to show the characteristics of the perfume itself; avoiding using perfume directly when sweating; avoiding exposing the perfume applied to the skin to the sun for a long time; and avoiding storing perfume in the bathroom, because heat, humidity and light will accelerate the evaporation, deterioration or spoilage of perfume. The correct storage place should be a dry and dark place, such as the bedside or closet.

Through the above methods, whether in the hot summer or any other season, you can easily smell good all day and show your unique charm. Remember, choosing the right perfume type and spraying method can maximize the effect of the perfume. I hope these tips can help you be more handy in the world of perfume!

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