Has Jennifer Lopez claimed that she lacked care since childhood? Netizens: Stop pretending!

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Jennifer Lopez, who needs care, has met the person who heals her life? Her current husband, Ben Affleck, and their love story has once become a Hollywood love myth.

Recently, Lopez openly looked back on her childhood in her new documentary "The Greatest Love Story Never Told".

Growing up in the Bronx, she has two siblings. Recalling her childhood, she felt that she did not receive enough love from her parents.

She told the audience, "When I grew up, I have been looking for someone who makes me feel loved."

"As the middle one of the three children, I am not the newborn baby, nor the first-born child… You just get lost in it." The words refer to her sisters, Leslie, 56, and Linda, 52.

Her parents, Guadalupe Rodriguez and David Lopez, divorced in the 1990s. Initially, her relationship with her parents was not very harmonious.

"I feel neglected by my father because he always works at night, he sleeps all day, and I don't think I have much communication with him. My mother is a narcissistic person, always the focus of attention, and lives a party lifestyle." Lopez added.

In the 2022 Netflix documentary "Halftime", she had hinted at the tricky relationship with her mother:

"My mother is a super complicated woman, she carries a lot of baggage, hopes that we will be independent and never have to rely on men. She has done what she has to do to survive, which makes her strong, but also makes her too strong." She continued.

When Lopez chose to go against her mother's wishes and not go to college, the mother and daughter fell into a cold war.

"I wanted to devote myself wholeheartedly and try to dance… I started to sleep on the sofa in the dance studio, homeless, but I told her, 'This is what I have to go through.'" She recalled.

At present, Lopez has a good relationship with both of her parents. Last year on Father's Day, she also posted a post to express her love to her father.

It is said that what is missing in the original family needs thousands of times more love to fill in when growing up. Her current husband, Ben, gives her a sense of security.

Lopez has always liked to show affection. After they got back together in 2021, he didn't want to share too much of their love life on the Internet. He preferred to live a low-key life.

But then he thought, "After getting back together, I said, 'Look, I don't want to reveal too much details about our love on social media.' But I realized this wasn't a fair thing. It's like you're going to marry a captain, and then you say, 'Well, I don't like water.'"

Lopez was obviously very moved. She shed tears in the documentary and described, "There is so much love he expresses and energy he puts into me. He makes me believe that all of this comes from love."

She gradually burst into tears: "No one can make me see this. This really touches me. I don't have time to think so much. Not many people in this world value me."

For the sake of her lover, Ben chooses to respect, give in, and accommodate. As long as it is something she likes to do, he has nothing to object to. He often accompanies Lopez to attend major events and award ceremonies:

However, for Lopez's view on the family, netizens are not convinced:

I am increasingly noticing that those who call everyone around them narcissists are actually the real narcissists.

Heck, are there any celebrities who haven't been traumatized? Is this a necessary condition for actors?

Oh, please…let me get my facial tissue…I'm devastated.
Next time, Jen, using a violin as background music can get a better effect.
Even so, I will still roll my eyes and ignore you, because you are as untrustworthy as the addicts in my neighborhood, who charge me $10 a day and promise to clean up.

It seems that netizens think Lopez is pretending to be pitiful. In the face of the parents who raised her with money, she even blames them instead. Do you think Lopez is setting up a persona or really pouring out her pain in front of the screen?

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