Mom Tish stole the man that her daughter Noah likes.

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oh OMG!Let me say it again,Mom Tish Cyrus stole the man that her daughter Noah Cyrus likes.

This is the headline of many entertainment media reports recently. The two heroines are none other than those from the all-star Cyrus family, and they are also the mother and younger sister of this year's Grammy winner Miley Cyrus.

In recent years, Miley's family has been divided for some unknown reasons. The three of mother, sister, and brother seem to be moving in different directions, and Miley has also been suspected by fans of being alienated from her biological father because she did not mention Billy at the Grammy Awards.

After 30 years of marriage, Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus (Billy Ray Cyrus) officially divorced in 2022. Just one year after the breakup, the two got remarried: Tish and 54-year-old "Prison Break" actor Dominic Purcell (Dominic Purcell), Billy and 34-year-old Australian singer Firerose.

After spending 30 years together, they were able to find new love in just one year. It seems that the disharmony between the two has been around for a long time…

Some time ago, an insider dropped a blockbuster and revealed the reason for the deterioration of the relationship among the Cyrus family members - Tish stole the man that daughter Noah "liked"! Since then, the incredible story of Noah, Tish, and Dominic has begun to spread in Hollywood.

It is rumored that this is also the reason why 24-year-old Noah and her older brother Bryson, who is five years older than her, did not attend the remarriage wedding. The wedding was held at Miley's Malibu estate, and Miley even added extra security for fear that Noah would make trouble.

A source said, "When Tish started pursuing Dominic, Noah was [paying attention to] Dominic." He added that when she started contacting the actor on social media, Tish realized this.

"The conflict between Noah and Tish is far beyond people's imagination. Noah is very upset that Tish stole Dominic from her," he added.

However, a source who has worked closely with Tish for more than five years believes this is completely a rumor and stupid gossip: "Tish is both a great mother and a great person. I hope I can be a good mother like her. I feel sorry for her that people are gossiping about her."

Earlier this month, Tish claimed on the podcast that she had been infatuated with Purcell for a long time. Because of the American TV drama "Prison Break", she noticed this muscular, heavily tattooed actor - afterwards, she followed him on instagram.

Shortly after divorcing Billy in 2022, Tish reached out to Purcell hoping to meet, allegedly to discuss a TV project.

Purcell told her that he had a "good feeling" about her. The two had their first date and went out to lunch, where they made out for three hours. The next day, they began to confide in each other and say "I love you" to each other.

Originally, after parting ways with her ex-husband, she had given up the idea of remarrying, but she was attracted to the actor again: "I can't even tell you how great he is. I'm living the best life. He's great."

Since the remarriage, Tish has been in a state of being immersed in love. But if the rumors are true, their relationship will inevitably fall into an "ice age". Only in her opinion, does the husband seem to be more important than the daughter?

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