Rapper Kanye West makes headlines successfully! And his wife

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Recently, the controversial rapper Kanye West, also known as Kanye West, successfully occupied the headlines of foreign entertainment and fashion media. In the midst of the fans' curses, he made a quiet fortune, making you have to speculate about his motives and purposes for often taking his almost naked wife out.

The headline news of the fashion comprehensive website reported that Kanye released a special advertisement during the Super Bowl to promote his products. In the advertisement video, Kanye took a selfie with his iPhone in the back seat of the car and recommended to the audience his e-commerce website Yeezy. com, saying that he "bought some shoes there." Then the video ended. It is said that this short video advertisement brought the rapper 19.3 million US dollars in revenue. As for how these revenues came about, media reports said that he had revealed in a post on Instagram, and then he quickly deleted it.

Last Friday, several media reported that Kanye's wife, Bianca, showed up at the Paris fashion show with her naked trend.

The lower body is almost covered with only a G-string-sized leather, and the upper body is like hanging a layer of leather front and back, leaving no room for imagination. The only place that can leave a mysterious place is to match a pair of pink boots. As for this controversial singer, he was wearing a black cloak, with the hood pulled up, paired with black Nike gloves and matching leather pants, and this time his face was not masked. For a while, when communicating with his wife Bianca, he showed a rare smile.

Just the night before the Milan Fashion Week, Bianca Censori attended the event of her husband Kanye West's new album "Vultures" held in Milan, Italy. In a video shared by TMZ, the 29-year-old Yeezy designer made a public appearance in a black sheer suit exposing her chest and buttocks, and also changed her hairstyle.

The picture seems that this set of clothes is composed of a sheer vest and a sheer tight pants that are transparent to the end.

After this video was exposed, netizens commented one after another downstairs:

One netizen said: "Well, there is a new idea." Who knows what he is thinking
Another netizen replied: "I know, right? She could now go out completely naked, and no one would blink anymore, because it's not a shocking news because they are too much.

Another said, "Poor Kanye West, the only way to get people's attention is to show off his wife who doesn't wear clothes everywhere."

The next one, "In my opinion, she is more charming than Kim Kardashian."

This outfit reminds people of the transparent tight suit she wore repeatedly last summer, perhaps it is the same style, just a different color.

This is certainly not the first time that Kanye has caused a global sensation with his wife at the fashion week and become the headline of today's fashion entertainment. It seems that this rapper always finds a way to promote himself, although there is nothing worth paying attention to on him. Previously, he appeared at the Paris Fashion Week with Julia Fox in January 2023, wearing a matching leather suit and also stealing the limelight.

Perhaps as one netizen said, Kanye knows that he has no appeal in the public eye except for singing. The only way to get people's attention is the unique women around him. I don't know if Bianca's exposed style was created by him. Of course, when she was exposed by the media, Kanye's wife's identity would always be mentioned.

Last Monday, Kanye recorded a video on Instagram to respond to the controversy, "I intentionally posted pictures of my wife." "The new album has been released, but many people don't go to listen to the song and comment on my song, but question why I posted pictures of my wife." Kanye continued in the video, "My wife Bianca Censori makes me happy." But he didn't make more netizens happy, but instead made headlines successfully in the controversy, or maybe what he was thinking in his mind was, "How can I make a big profit?"

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