Bradley cooper And the super model Gigi Hadid's street photos are cool!

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Recently, Bradley Cooper and his girlfriend Gigi Hadid had breakfast together at the Corner Bar in Chinatown, and Cooper's attire attracted the attention of many people.

In this date, he wore a black hoodie with the logo of the New York Philharmonic musicians. In daily life, he also pays tribute to the musical legend Leonard Bernstein, who he played in "Maestro".

Some time ago, a video of his interview went viral. In the video, Cooper sat down with Leonard Bernstein's children and had an open conversation, discussing how familiar and close they were when making this biopic.

When the interviewer asked Cooper what he missed about the music master, his eyes gradually filled with tears and said emotionally, "It's hard to say, I don't know - the four of us shared something very special, which is even hard to explain. Of course, he (Leonard) has always been with me. His energy found me in some way, and I really feel like I know him."

However, some viewers believe that Cooper's emotional behavior in the interview is "embarrassing" and think that he is becoming more annoying and strange. Especially after he admits that he misses the late composer very much, even though Leonard died in 1990 and they had never met before.

Classical music can transcend time and space and last forever. Even after the musician has passed away, many people will still be influenced by their music, including Selena Gomez.

In last Friday's Jimmy Kimmel Live show, Selena was asked who her childhood idol was. To everyone's surprise, she mentioned Kurt Cobain, the lead singer of Nirvana.

Although Cobain committed suicide in 1994, when Selena was only two years old, his music still accompanied Selena to grow up, and his music was an important part of her youth. She was so fascinated that she dyed and cut her hair like him.

Although she had never publicly discussed her love for this super rock idol before, over the years she has been paying tribute to him in a clever way. In 2017, Selena dyed her hair blonde and adopted a 90s style bleached makeup, which her hairdresser called "Nirvana Blonde" (blonde version of Nirvana).

When the host asked how much she liked it and whether she bought peripheral products, her answer was yes. She once posted posters on the wall of her bedroom and rewatched all kinds of interviews and performances of him, and even watched his documentary 12 times.

Compared with seeking sympathy and attention, I think Cooper's behavior is more from the heart. Most actors are sensitive and sensitive in their hearts. After being influenced by music or film and television, even though the predecessors have passed away, their voices and smiles are still there.

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